Liability Insurance policies are designed to offer specific protection against third party claims, so it is vitally important to review the business insurance requirements each business needs, i.e., professional, management, statutory, public, product, employment, tax, corporate/director, and so on.

Insurance Brokers Australia gives you the help you and your business need to manage and protect against exposures faced for compensation due to negligence and possible failure in duty of care.

Flexible cover limits

Each business is different but for most, Public Liability Insurance is essential. For smaller businesses who work on smaller projects or with less interaction with the public, we can place lower, more suitable levels of cover for a lower premium. However, if you feel you need more cover, you can obtain suitable levels of $20 million or more. If you’re unsure how much cover you need, tell one of our knowledgeable brokers about your business and they’ll be able to help you get the right cover.

Public Liability Insurance Claims

With Insurance Brokers Australia you can be confident that, in the event of the worst happening, your claim will be handled by a dedicated claims broker offering the fast and efficient service that you deserve.
Simply contact your public liability claims team using the details within your policy documents, or call us on 1300674771 and we will put you through to the best brokers. They will talk with you about your claim, guiding you through your next steps and taking you through the process. Furthermore, if you feel you need additional support or if you have concerns about the progression of your claim, we are always happy to hear your concerns.

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