Life science organisations face a variety of exposures throughout the lifecycle of their businesses, from research and, to trials and the manufacture and sale of their products.


Our insurer’s bespoke insurance products offer comprehensive cover for the complex risks faced by life science businesses who import, / or manufacture devices, drugs or supplements.

Research & Development

We understand that the research and development life-cycle can be a lengthy and often unpredictable process for companies in the life science industry. Our insurer’s research and development (R&D) policy is an all-encompassing package designed to protect all companies throughout the development process, whether they be developing their own drug or technology, selling a product to be used in R&D or providing a service to companies needing assisting in the development of their product.

Medical Devices

The manufacture and sale of medical devices is a huge responsibility with companies facing a complex set of risks such as injury to a user due to defective design or mislabeling of the product, or perhaps the potential for patent litigation. Our insurer’s policy provides clear coverage offering individual insuring clauses for the wide range of exposures these companies face, all in one comprehensive policy

  • Financial loss
  • Patent defense
  • Products liability
  • General liability
  • Clinical trials
  • Cyber and privacy
  • Worldwide jurisdiction

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