Whether you’re organising an event, hosting a contest or offering a promotion, our contingency insurance products are designed to offset the potential financial loss if the unexpected happens.

Our preferred insurers provide comprehensive cover for small community events as well as large scale tradeshows, music festivals, award ceremonies and more. We also offer prize indemnity for competitions like a hole-in-one or lottery jackpot, and promotion insurance for when your special offer gets a greater response than you expect.


Event Insurance

When it comes to events, there are a lot of moving parts, which means a lot can go wrong if the unforeseeable happens. The best event insurance policy is a broad package solution, combining cancellation coverage, general liability, and commercial property under one policy. This allows organisers to protect the financial investment of their event, including everything from agreements with spectators, staff and performers to building and contents damage if organisers are legally responsible.

The world of live events has changed — much for the better, but dangers still lurk.

Prize indemnity

Promotions and service offerings can be a valuable way to attract customers to your business, and our specialist insurers’ contingency products are designed to help you run these activities without the fear of a huge financial cost.

Prize indemnity policies cover a wide range of prize competitions including hole-in-one competitions, sports skill contests, contractual bonuses, predictor games, conditional rebates, mathematical games, online and land-based casino games, lottery jackpots and more. This means you can run these types of promotions without the fear of being seriously out of pocket if someone gets lucky.

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