Professional services businesses come in all shapes and sizes and the services these companies provide can vary just as widely.

Our insurer’s broad, packaged insurance policies take into account the wide range of exposures professional services businesses face while filling in gaps in cover left by many traditional professional indemnity policies. The modular policies provide comprehensive cover at a competitive price, with quick, straight-forward service.


Professionals work across a wide range of businesses and within a very litigious environment. Our insurers’ policies are built specifically for a profession and address both the traditional and emerging risks these businesses face on a daily basis. Most small and medium-sized businesses operating in the range of areas are suitable for this product, and our modular policies can be tailored to suit a company’s individual requirements.

Coverage Highlights
  • Comprehensive legal cover
  • Contractual liability
  • Reputation & brand protection cover
  • Withheld fees
  • Breach of intellectual property rights
  • Virus & hacking liability cover
  • Traditional office cover
  • Business interruption cover
  • Cyber and privacy

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