Used extensively in the food production industry, and more recently in various building applications, ‘sandwich panel’ is accepted as a good way to insulate food and beverages, and provide innovative and cost effective building solutions.


All property owners or tenants throughout the world have seen their traditional insurers disappear in recent times. EPS panels have been blamed for high profile fires at Sunpork in Brisbane in 2016 and Thomas Foods International in South Australia in 2018. Other incidents in Victoria and NSW have compounded the problem, and now reinsurers and Lloyd’s of London have taken a much harder line with property risk in all industries associated with sandwich panel.

Key points:

There is any number of panels, all holding various codes and technical acronyms, available in the global market, all designated various degrees of acceptance to insurers and risk managers, dependant on fire risk standards and certification applied by the industry.

The major factor considered by insurers is a recognition that the Insured is proactive in minimising their risks and not solely relying on an insurer should a fire event occur. Every property owner and business operator with this type of building material should have a carefully created risk management plan for the building and the associated operations.

Our Risk Management team will review with insurers and surveyors how best to implement your programme required:

  • hot work controls
  • ‘cold work’ controls for work carried out on insulation
  • electrical installation and maintenance programmes including thermographic imaging
  • dedicated fork lift charging and machinery areas outside the insulation envelope
  • management of cooking and heating equipment
  • housekeeping practices observing the storing of combustibles adjacent to the building
  • regular building audits including damaged insulation panels and repairs
  • ensuring services fabricated into the the exposed EPS are ‘sheathed’ or conduits are fitted
  • automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems installed on site
  • fire suppression or other fire control systems fitted
  • general awareness amongst staff and management of potential problems, and how to action risk improvement.

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