IBA Major Loss Response

The Insurance Brokers Australia claims support will handle these challenges and fully support you to get back on your feet as quickly and as simply as possible. It can also involve having to engage with and be questioned by experts who represent the various parts of the insurance industry.

At this time it is important, therefore, you have someone to guide you through the claims process, take away some of the challenges and to represent your best interests. As a result IBA claims support is available to get the claim resolved as quickly and as simply as possible.

In order to achieve this goal, every client is provided with the following service for all high value, high profile or complex losses.

Initial Response:

The claim handler will:

  • Arrange and attend the initial site visit with the Loss Adjuster or other experts to ensure matters proceed correctly as quickly as possible
  • Lead any policy indemnity discussions in order to seek agreement at the earliest possible stage. In doing so, the claim handler will ensure that the policy wording is applied correctly and appropriately
  • Work with the client to fully assess the potential loss and claim from a material damage and business interruption perspective
  • Look to represent the claim in the best manner

 Subsequent Support:

The claim handler will:

  • Guide you as to what can be done at each stage
  • Develop an agreed programme to move forward with all parties and agree key milestones
  • Support in any PR needs the client may have
  • Ensure early and appropriate interim payments are made to keep the business operational and allow matters to progress towards settlement
  • Identify and gather all key documentation
  • Look for and advise on early settlement opportunities as appropriate
  • Support on business interruption calculations or provide the client with access to experts in this area as needed
  • Attend follow up meetings with appointed Claims Preparers, Loss Adjusters and Insurers as required
  • Lead in successful settlement negotiations to ensure that your best interests are properly represented
  • Drive the claim forward by applying deadlines for responses
  • Escalate as needed to achieve an outcome by using Insurer and Loss Adjuster relationships across the market
  • Ensure that throughout the claim you be fully updated and be aware of the next steps towards claim resolution

Introduction to Specialists:

On occasions it might be necessary to have specialist advice to support in the response to a claim in order to get the right outcome as quickly as possible. The team at IBA are able to make the necessary introductions for you as needed. By way of examples that might be having access to a solicitor who specialise in policy wordings, an accountant/Claims Preparer to support on a business interruption calculation through to using the IBA claims support on a H&S issue.

The IBA Major Loss Support Team

Chris Dalton:

Terry Wyeth:

Adam Dalton:

Angela Knowles: