Vehicles in Transit – are you covered?

March 26, 2016

In an immense country such as Australia with its network of highways covering huge distances, it is an everyday sight to observe vehicles in transit. Cars, motor cycles and trucks are constantly being moved to new locations by other vehicles, for a whole variety of reasons. As in all motor transportation, things can unaccountably go wrong – sometimes with very expensive consequences, or even worse, injury. It becomes all the more necessary then to ensure that fully comprehensive insurance is taken out on such journeys. Are you aware that a special motor trade package exists for ‘vehicles in transit’?

The following are examples of the sorts of businesses which would benefit from studying the policies offered under the ‘vehicles in transit comprehensive policy.’

Car transportation companies.
There are many different types of car transporters, ranging from huge open tractor-trailers which are able to carry up to twelve vehicles at a time, to small enclosed movers for individual cars. Of course accidents can occur in the same way as with any other vehicle on the road. Here however there is the additional concern about the extent of damage if for example, a fully laden motor transportation vehicle is involved in a collision, and sheds part or all of its load. Of course people are very conscientious about ensuring that cars are fastened securely in transit, but inevitably there is a risk – albeit small – of human error in the securing process. However careful the driver you employ, he or she cannot control the actions of others. In a nutshell, accidents will sometimes happen however much you try to avoid them. It would be on such an occasion that you would be so relieved that you took out comprehensive vehicle transit insurance.

Interstate movers.
In the current economic climate people often find they have to relocate thousands of miles across the country. There are companies which help to ease the burden of removals by transporting your vehicle as well as your possessions. In addition to possible road accidents, your vehicle could be damaged by flying debris, dust or even intense rain on such a prolonged journey. The comprehensive vehicle transit insurance covers all eventualities.

Tow and tilt truck.
Car repair companies and breakdown rescuers would, with a ‘Vehicles in Transit’ policy, be covered for any loss or damage to the vehicle being towed or carried. This includes loading and unloading, and covering the efficacy of hoists and hooks when being used in accordance with regulations or legislation relating to the vehicle.

Many vehicle transit companies try to reduce insurance premiums by taking some of the risk themselves, convincing themselves that there is little chance of a disaster. Statistics have shown that up to 80% of Australian businesses are underinsured. The consequences of this can be dire this is a country which has more than its share of natural disasters and some very challenging cross country routes It is too common to read stories of people who have lost their homes or businesses and have not sufficient insurance cover to start again.

For a specialised field such as vehicle transit it is of paramount importance to get the best cover at a competitive cost and this is where the services of an insurance broker become necessary. The broker will trawl through the available options to find the best Australian ‘vehicles in transit’ policy to meet your individual needs.

There exists in the world a double-decker double sided car transporter which is able to carry an amazing 17 cars! Two rows of 6 cars sit side by side on the top deck and there are 5 more on the lower deck. This is possibly the largest of such vehicles in the world, but don’t worry you won’t have meet it on any Australian roads. You would have to go to China to see it. Check out the monster on YouTube.



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