Why nib health insurance is worth it


Choose your Extras provider

For Extras like dental and physio, see any provider with professional qualifications recognised by nib.


Accidental Injury Benefit

Seek treatment at a hospital Emergency Department within 24 hours of an accident & if you need to be admitted, you’ll receive benefits in line with our top hospital cover for the next 90 days.


Emergency Ambulance

No annual limits on Emergency Ambulance transportation – excludes residents of QLD and TAS who have ambulance services provided by their State Ambulance Schemes.

Benefits of cover with Insurance Broker Australia

  • They receive a corporate discount of up to 6%* off their hospital and extras premiums.
  • Eligible new health insurance customers will receive a two and six month waiver on extras waiting
  • Easy to join via nib’s contact centre, retail centres or online 24/7.
  • Outstanding customer service through nib online services, over the phone or in person.

Why private health insurance?

While Australians are entitled to public hospital treatment, there are big advantages to having private health cover

Private cover can provide support for general health and wellbeing, peace of mind and may deliver tax savings for high income earners! Like any form of insurance, private health insurance really shines when people are faced with an unexpected setback – like needing hospital treatment.

Would yoube happy to wait months for public hospital treatment?

A bit about public hospital waiting lists…

We’ve all heard stories about public hospital waiting lists. As a public patient you have little control over when you are treated, who treats you or where you go to hospital.

Here are a few examples of the average wait times for treatment in a public hospital under Medicare
  • 97 days for removal of tonsils
  • 13 days for coronary bypass surgery
  • 110 days for hip replacement surgery
  • 195 days for knee replacement surgery
50% of people on the list waited longer than this
Do you have this kind of money to spare?
Private hospital treatment can be expensive

There’s no denying that private hospital treatment can be very expensive. In fact, without health insurance you could be up for tens of thousands of dollars.

A few examples of what private hospital procedures could cost you without health insurance†

  • $2,977 for removal of tonsils
  • $45,917 for coronary bypass surgery
  • $25,202 for hip replacement surgery
  • $22,520 for knee replacement surgery

We’re working with nib to bring you great value health cover.

  • Save on nib health cover with our corporate discount of up to 6%
  • Switching is easy. nib will contact your previous fund and take care of it all and you won’t have to re-serve waiting periods for equivalent benefits
  • Cover your family on your policy

Once again our brokers have developed a unique way of helping our clients with what we all agree has been one of the least understood and complex ‘insurances’ we need to deal with –

a unique offering with ‘nib’ to offer features, benefits and premium savings, on products and services unlike anything else in the health field…. they are good at what they do which is great for you and makes life easy.

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